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Business Systems Support

Businesses, whether they be big or small, do need different levels of support but fundamentally, their IT requirements are the same: IT needs to support your business not dictate it or limit it.

i-c-why works with a number of partner organisations that can supply everything from full network support, migration to the Cloud, Website design and management, Backups and Synchronisation between multiple offices: Come to i-c-why for advice.

Small Businesses

The most common issue here is the security of your files. What would be the impact of the loss of your computer? What would happen if a virus was to infect your files? Talk to us about the best options for backups.

Secondly, are you looking at or do you have a small network? Is it working the way you expected? Talk to us about your needs and see whether we can advise you on making your IT work for you.

Larger Businesses

Is your network in need of an upgrade? Are support costs spiraling? Have you thought of migrating your systems to the Cloud? Are you looking at a major software change and don't know how to evaluate the possible options or manage the project? Or are you simply looking for some occasional IT support. If so, please speak to us.

Trading on the Internet

Is this something you are looking at or would like your website to accommodate? Please speak to us and we can provide all the options to allow you to make the best choice for your business.