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Virus Removal

The Computer Health Check Service will clean the system of most Malware but if there is a computer virus already infecting the computer, this may not be possible.

The most common viruses can be categorised into Destructive, Ransom, Hijack and just plain annoying.

Destructive Viruses

These viruses look to damage the computer in some way. Some destroy files or change them such they cannot be utilised. Some attack the software in the computer itself and damage the components like the hard disk. It is possible to clean some of these viruses but it depends on how much damage has occurred. Often the plan is to clean the system so that important files can be recovered if possible and then the system restored to factory settings. This can be a long and complex process.

Ransom Viruses

Ransom viruses infect your computer and then make it unusable until you have paid money to the author: I suggest you do not. The most common type are variations on a Trojan called Security Suite. This looks to be a legitimate piece of security antivirus software and frequently shows the user a message stating that 'x' number of issues have been detected and to clean them, you must 'click here'. If the user follows the instruction, the virus installs fully and will no longer let the user do anything other than buy the full version of the software. The word Trojan literally comes from the Trojan Horse story where something pretends to be something it is not. In this case the user is convinced that the software is a legitimate security package. The tip is: True security packages will NEVER give you the option to remove a detected virus, it will just do it. So if you are presented with the question 'click here to remove', it is a good chance that it is lying.

Hijack Viruses

There are two levels of Hijack viruses, one will try to use your PC to send emails (SPAM) or perform another antisocial function like steal personal information and passwords etc. This it will try to do in the background and the user may simply experience a very slow or oddly functioning computer. The second may simply redirect all internet browsing to its own web pages so that you can never get to where you wish to go. It may also look to steal personal information.

Annoying Viruses

Virus is probably too strong a word for this type of software. In many cases it is not malicious but can ruin your browsing and computer experience. The types of software in this group include browser toolbars, driver helpers, games and helper software. Antivirus software will not remove these, they have to removed manually.

What's the Cost of Virus Removal?

Some viruses can be removed reasonably easily but the more complex ones, rather than remove, it is better to extract any important files you need and then reset the computer to factory settings, if possible, then re-install all the software. If this is not possible, or the desire is to clean the computer and avoid having to re-install the software, then the cost is greater. Estimated costs are as follows:


All prices include VAT

Often the process of virus removal is a slow one and at all stages, you are kept informed of progress.