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Computer Health Check

As a part of the checks the following will be undertaken:

Reported Faults Investigated

If you have brought your computer in for a reason, this will be evaluated and if a simple resolution is available, it will be applied. If a more complex issue is diagnosed, you will be contacted with a plan for its resolution.

Operating System Updates

Your PC may well be configured to apply necessary/urgent/high priority updates but these are not all the updates that your computer may need. It is also common that due to a fault, no updates have been applied recently. This will be corrected and all updates applied.

Uninstall Unnecessary Software

Over time many programs get installed that are not necessary to the running of your computer. These will be identified and listed out. You will be contacted prior to their removal to ensure they are not required. These programs often interfere with computer operation or slow your browsing of the internet.

Malware Check

Malware is any software that poses a security risk for your computer or just may be annoying. These risks will be removed and a report on them produced. If you have submitted your computer to i-c-why as it is already infected with a virus, this will have to be planned for separately.

Antivirus Protection Status

This simply checks that suitable Antivirus and Firewall software is installed, up to date and operating correctly. If it is not, you will be advised and a suitable solution installed.

Rescue Disks

It is common practice that computer manufacturers and resellers no longer supply the original installation media (DVD's). They provide a routine that should be run to create this media. If you were given media on purchase, please bring them with you when you deliver your computer for the Health Check. If you do not have any, it may be possible to create this media for you. You will need it if your PC suffers a major failure and the system needs to be re-installed or repaired. There is an additional small charge for each DVD created for you.

Configuration Analysis

During the above checks, it is often found that your use of the computer or a part of its configuration may be causing some of the issues experienced. As such, a brief report is made to make suggestions as to optimise your computer and improve your use of it.


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